Wills on Wheels

The Genesis Law Group is proud to offer a new and innovative service right to your door. Wills on Wheels brings a lawyer to your location for a consultation, takes instructions and then returns your professionally drafted Will for signing and witnessing.

Why is a Will so Important?

A properly drafted and executed Will ensures your estate is distributed in a timely manner, according to your wishes, and by a trusted executor that you choose. When a person dies without a Will, settling an estate can be a lengthy process, often requiring significant bonding and expense. Letters of Administration are required, which can burden immediate family.

Without a Will, property and family heirlooms may not be distributed according to your wishes. With a Will you can:

  • Ease emotional stress
  • Avoid family conflict
  • Choose a trusted Executor
  • Eliminate extra costs
  • Enjoy peace of mind

Life Planning
Legal documents are recommended for future health care planning and it is preferable to have them ready before illness strikes. Life Planning can include: Representation Agreements, Living Wills and Power of Attorney. These documents are the best way to ensure that the person you choose, and trust, will make decisions for your personal effects and health care if you become incapacitated.

Living Will
In the event of a terminal illness, car accident or major stroke, this document is a statement of your wishes regarding medical treatment and intervention.

Enduring Power of Attorney
A Power of Attorney is a legal document that appoints an attorney to make legal and financial decisions on a short term, temporary or long term basis. This is particularly useful if you are traveling, in the hospital, or unavailable for long periods of time. An Enduring Power of Attorney allows your attorney to continue making financial and legal decisions even if you become incapacitated.