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Meet Chen Liu

Legal Assistant

Chen Liu was born in the Northeast part of China. She obtained her Bachelor of Law Degree with honors in 2010, from the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China.

After moving to Hong Kong in August of 2010, Chen received her Masters of Law at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Having passed her China’s National Judicial Exam in 2011, Chen worked as a Trademark Legal Assistant in Beijing China for one year.

With enthusiasm to widen her horizon of knowledge, Chen moved to Canada and completed her MBA at University of Calgary. After her graduation in 2016, Chen worked with one of the leading law firms in Calgary, where she assisted clients in various legal areas, including residential and commercial real estate transactions, wills, family law, immigration law, and more! Chen is also able to assist any clients with translation from Mandarin to English, which provides a huge asset to our firm.  

Chen began working with our office in February 2018 as a legal assistant. Chen is proving to be a friendly and welcoming presence in our office.

Chen first visited Victoria in 2014 and fell in love with our beautiful city. Besides enjoying the delicious food and comfortable weather, Chen enjoys to spend her spare time exploring the mountains, lakes and the ocean with her family and friends, or following some fitness classes online after work.

Please contact Chen at: info@genesislawgroup.ca, for both Mandarin and English services.