Elder Law Mediation Helps Resolve Conflict Within Families

Elder Law Mediation is the mediation of disputes among family members, which often includes the involvement of the older adult, notwithstanding there may be cognitive and capacity issues. It is a preferable alternative to court proceedings and typically involves various areas of law which help address specific legal issues such as:

  • Substitute decision making for financial and health care 
  • Capacity 
  • Health law
  • Dependency, undue influence and elder abuse
  • Family caregiving
  • Estate planning
  • Housing and jointures
  • Safety and lifestyle choices

Elder Law Mediation is unique from other types of mediation as it requires accommodating the physical and cognitive limitations of the elderly adult. 

A customized, flexible approach is required to accommodate the unique challenges dealing with the elderly, which can take place at multiple venues, with several meetings and interviews with third parties, such as geriatricians and other medical professionals. 

Elder Law Mediation may also involve caregivers, nursing staff, social workers and housing providers. 

Elder law mediation helps resolves conflict within families and focuses on communication between family members and problem solving, with the best interests of the elderly adult at heart.   

Jacqueline Horton has a special interest in Elder Law.

Jacqueline Horton is a Barrister and Solicitor in private practice with a special interest in Elder Law. She's passionate about the rights of the elderly, in particular the right to be involved with decisions about their care, finances and housing needs. 
Jacqueline has extensive experience in Wills and Estates, Adult Guardianship, abuse of Power of Attorneys and issues involving the geriatric-psychiatric components of dementia and capacity issues.

As a former nurse, Jacqueline is familiar with the medical, health care and housing needs of the elderly and the resources available in the community. 

She's committed to resolving disputes among family members that can have an irreversible and devastating effect on family dynamics when disputes are litigated. 

Jacqueline has been a mediator since 2005 and has undertaken specialized training in Elder Law Mediation. Her extensive legal knowledge and experience, her knowledge of the health care and housing needs of the elderly as well as her compassionate and caring nature gives Jacqueline a unique advantage in mediating disputes involving the elderly. 

In 2011 Jacqueline was awarded the Black Press “Women in Business Award” for going “above and beyond” for her elderly clients. She's passionate about the rights of the elderly to self-determination, autonomy and to be involved in decisions regarding their health care, housing and finances. 

Jacqueline is acutely aware of the power imbalance many elderly adults face, particularly when there are cognitive limitations and capacity issue, making the elderly particularly vulnerable to financial, physical and emotional abuse. 

If you have concerns about an elderly adult please call our office for a half hour free consultation.